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We help you find and haul the highest-paying loads, making load delivery simpler and payment collection easier

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Who Are We

SkyWay Dispatch A Third-Party Provider Of Logistics Transportation, Dedicated To Delivering Top-Notch Services To Independent Freight Agents, Leased Owner-Operators And Other Third-Party Providers




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Our Mission

We are committed to streamlining the way you haul and get your rightfully-earned money with ease. All we want is to be your top-most choice as when it comes to freight management, then there’s nothing that we can not handle for you.
Our dedicated team neither let you stress over road troubles such as accessorial charges, fuel shortages and accidents nor does it make you worry about billing issues. When you are on the move, we make sure to have it all covered.

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Our Vision

We strive to be your saviour as we want to protect you from unwanted hassles to deal with load tracking and billing collection. That’s right, we aim to help you find the top-paying loads, reach your destination effortlessly, and then receive your payment in a snap.
We help you connect with a collaborative team of freight management professionals who are skillfully trained in tracking revenue-driving loads of your choice and helping you deliver them without any delays or challenges.

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Why Choose Us

We make sure your trucks stay loaded, you focus only on driving and earning more and more.

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We look for the best loads available on the load board that suit your requirements.
We handle all your paperwork.
We negotiate pricing on your behalf.
We look for loads at the minimum to zero deadhead miles so that you never have to struggle to get loads.
We schedule your weeks as per your requirements.

A dedicated dispatcher is available 24/7 to make sure you never find it hard to get the best available loads.
We handle all your Invoices.
We take care of the broker setup.

Our reliable low cost dispatch logistics service is a self paying system available that can help you reduce your costs and greatly increase your income per truck , we are here to dispatch , book loads, verify pick up and delivery information, make sure your trucks are loaded and otr, get oversize permits if needed , we are a full service dispatch company!

We negotiate top paying rates for our customers and we do not settle for “backhaul rates” , we work for the profits of your company and ours altogether .

Experience, dedication ,hard work are all key features that our customers finds in our truck dispatch service, we have been in this business for a long time and we know exactly what is going to happen before it does, because we have experienced it all before, we keep the trucks rolling and the drivers happy, that is our main goal.

A dispatch service that is willing to go thru all the dirt on the load boards to find that diamond load and put it onto your truck, so you will be happy to haul it and we will be happy that we have another satisfied customer!